Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain | Book Review

May 1, 2009

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by artist and teacher Betty Edwards is one of the most insightful books written on unlocking the artist within you.  

Betty Edwards puts forth that the left and right hemispheres of the brain manage information in very different ways. She explains in mental process of drawing, and then provides practical techniques for tapping into the less dominate right brain – the “right” side for drawing.

Basically, the ‘left brain’ is the logical, rational side that uses words and numbers, and develops concepts. In contrast, the right brain perceives and creates.

“The primary goal throughout this book is to transition from left-brain drawing, using a childhood symbol-system, to drawing what you really see.  The results of this approach, shown through many student drawings is dramatic.”The magical mystery of drawing ability seems to be, in part at least, an ability to make a shift in brain state to a different mode of seeing/perceiving. When you see in this way in which experienced artists see, then you can draw.”

“This is a marvelously fresh approach to drawing and will make people not only draw better but see better.” Professor Jerome Bruner

“…her application of the brain research findings to drawing conforms well with the available evidence and in many places reinforces and advances the right hemisphere story with new observations.” Professor Roger W. Sperry / California Institute of Technology

This book is a valuable resource for any art teacher.

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