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May 30, 2009

Introduce kids to Piet Mondrian with a biography detailing his life and art. Then show them a few pictures of his art in his most popular style, including Composition with Blue, Red and Yellow. Then give them an opportunity to interact with his art by proving them with an online or printable coloring page.

Biography I – ArtInThePicture.com
Born as Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan Jr. in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) on March 7, 1872, his future lay in teaching. Piet Mondrian’s father, who was also a teacher, wished that his son with follow in his footsteps. Piet Mondrian earned his diploma in teaching but decided In 1892 to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam…

Read more about Piet Mondrian on ArtInThePicture.com

Biography II – MakingArtFun.com | Art Resources for Kids
Piet Mondrian was born in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, in 1892. He was the second of his parent’s children. At a very young age his father Pieter and his Uncle Fritz, both artists themselves, introduced Piet to the world of art…

Read more about Piet Mondrian on MakingArtFun.com

Free Coloring Pages
Print and color a Mondrian masterpiece.  The one from EnchantedLearning.com lets you color online.  Click the color and then click in the rectangle/square.  The coloring page from MakingArtFun.com if free to print.  You can find an image of the original artwork online for the pattern of colors (Google Search/Images: Composition with Blue, Red and Yellow.)

Mondrian Coloring Online on Enchanted Learning.com

Mondrian Coloring Page (Composition with Blue, Red and Yellow) on MakingArtFun.com

Composition II with Blue Red and Yellow (Mondrian) | Free Coloring Page

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