Mary Cassett | Homeschool Art Lesson Resources

June 1, 2009

Mary Cassett | Homeschool Art Lesson Resources

Learn about the life and art of celebrated American Impressionist period painter and printmaker Mary Cassett. Start with the biography, and then click and print these fun curriculum resources.

Mary Cassatt was born in Pennsylvania in 1844. She was the fourth child of the five children born to the family. Her family traveled a lot and she had visited many countries by the time she was 10 years old.

In those days, women did not have professions, and there were very few women artists. Her family did not approve when she decided that she would become an artist.

Mary Cassatt Biography continued on – Educational Resources for Kids

Word Search Worksheet
Get a free printable word search worksheet at Read about Cassatt and then review the facts about the life and works of the artist.

Mary Cassett Word Search Worksheet on

Cassatt Boating Party Online Jigsaw Puzzle
Try out this fantastic online jigsaw puzzle of Mary Cassatt’s Boating Party.  Cassatt’s “The Boating Party” was painted in 1893-1894. The puzzle even allows you to rotate the pieces to make it a little more challenging for older students.

Boating Party Jigsaw Puzzle on – Educational Resources for Kids

Boating Party Coloring Page
Boating Party coloring page from Right click to save the image to your desktop and then open it in a word document to print. provides you with printer friendly pages for a $20 per year membership fee, though the Boating Party coloring page is free to print if you follow these instructions.

Boating Party Coloring Page from – Children’s Educational Materials

Cassatt Crossword Puzzle

Print this crossword puzzle from, and review what you read about Mary Cassatt.

Mary Cassatt Crossword Puzzle on  – Educational Resources for Kids


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