How to Draw Planes | Free Lesson Plans

June 2, 2009

 If you think airplanes are cool, you will love learning to draw them. provides well-planned step-by-step instructions to get you drawing successfully.

Drawing Basics
Drawing a biplane or jet is easy once you understand a a simple concept. Drawing any object begins by breaking the object down into its basic geometric shapes. Begin by lightly sketching those shapes that will help you draw the body, wings, etc. Next, begin to shape these parts of your airplane to make them a little more airplane-like. The rest is just adding the details.

How to Draw Biplanes in 7 Steps
“This easy-to-draw biplane has realistic details that make your drawing authentic. When you’ve perfected this technique, you can fill the skies with your own air show.”

How to Draw Space Shuttles in 7 Steps
“Your space shuttle can travel to the stars and visit distant worlds. Use these step-by-step instructions to create your own space-exploration scenes.”

How to Draw World War II Planes in 7 Steps
“Draw dogfights in the skies with our World War II plane. The step-by-step instructions below make it easy.”

How to Draw Passenger Planes in 5 Steps
“Travel the world in your imagination with this drawing project. Easy step-by-step instructions show you how to draw passenger planes.”

How to Draw Jets in 6 Steps
You’ll be a real quick draw when you master this drawing project. Follow the easy step-by-step instruction below to draw jets, the fastest of all aircraft.

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