Adam and Eve | Free Bible Coloring Page and Story

June 3, 2009

Here’s a nice quality Bible coloring page of Adam and Eve in the Garden for your Sunday school lesson.

Adam and Eve Coloring Page from

The story of Adam and Eve can be found in the Book of Genesis:  Chapter 1:26 thru 3:24

Here is a nicely written version for children on

Adam’s responsibility was to tend to the garden. The plants and the trees provided all of the food that Adam needed. 
Then God created birds and animals from the dust of the ground, and allowed Adam to name each one of them.

Though the animals and birds were beautiful, Adam was still lonely.

God knew that Adam was alone, and said, “This is not good. I will make a help meet for him (Adam).

God put Adam to sleep and removed a rib from his side. From Adam’s rib and the dust of the earth, God created Eve.

Read the rest of the Adam and Eve (Paraphrased Version) story on


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