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June 4, 2009

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born on 25 February 1841 in Limoges. He was the sixth child of Léonard Renoir (1799-1874) and Marguerite Merlet (1807-1896). In 1844 Renoir and his family moved to Paris where Léonard Renoir earned his living as a tailor. In 1854 Renoir left school and begin his apprenticeship as a porcelain painter at the firm of Lévy frères. His precocious talent for painting would assure his career as a porcelain painter but the firm went bankrupt in 1858. After that Renoir dabbled in a number of different jobs but it seems that he may have decided to become a full-time painter around this date.

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Renoir Coloring Page
Print this coloring page of Renoir’s masterpiece Luncheon of the Boating Party painted in 1881, and grab the crayons. This is a great way to get connected with the works of this great artist. You might even fire up a YouTube video of an impressionist composer (same artistic period) like Debussy or Ravel and let them listen as your kids color.

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