Free Famous Artist Word Search Worksheets

December 17, 2009

Free Word Search Worksheets
This collection of word search worksheets from helps art students to build reading skill by searching for the keywords in the artist biography. You will need the printable biography and the word search worksheet to complete the word search.

Free Worksheets

Albert Bierstadt | Word Search

Alexander Calder | Word Search

Mary Cassatt | Word Search

Edgar Degas | Word Search

Albrecht Dürer | Word Search

Wasilly Kandinski | Word Search

Henri Matisse | Word Search

Michelangelo | Word Search

Piet Mondrian | Word Search

Claude Monet | Word Search

Pablo Picasso | Word Search

Pierre August Renoir | Word Search

Georges Seurat | Word Search

Jan Vermeer | Word Search

Leonardo da Vinci | Word Search

Artist Biographies
The printable artist biographies are linked to from the word search worksheet page of each artist. Visit the worksheet page first and then click through to the get the printable biography. You will need it to complete the worksheet.



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