Watercolor: How to Hold a Paint Brush

March 2, 2010

There are several ways to hold a watercolor paint brush. This post will direct you to websites offering tutorials on several common grips.

The Classic Grip
This grip is the most common grip, offering the most control over the brush.

“The classic grip for a watercolor paint brush is similar to holding a pencil…”

The Pinch
This grip is best for creating loose strokes. It offers little control, though is suitable for some situations.

“Hold your brush like you are picking up a pencil from a table, pinching it between your thumb and fingers.”

The Splatter Grip
This grip is ideal for adding a splatter effect to your artwork.

“The splatter grip requires you to grasp the middle of the brush…”

The Conductor
This grip allows you to create a distorted stroke, as the unbalanced brush serves to limit control.

“Grip your brush by the tip of the taper of the brush handle, like you’re a conductor…”


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