Drawing in One-Point Perspective

April 25, 2010

Here’s a great collection links to one-point perspective drawing lessons for beginners from around the web. Each link is followed a brief abstract of what you will find on that page. Each page is full of pictures and easy-to-understand instructions to help you get things looking great the very first time you give perspective drawing a try.

Perspective Drawing for Beginners | One-Point Perspective from MakingArtFun.com
In our first lesson on perspective drawing, Perspective Drawing for Beginners | Bigger and Smaller, we learned a simple lesson that makes perspective drawing easy:

If it’s close, it’s bigger. If it’s far away, it’s smaller.

In this lesson we will learn about one-point perspective. The second basic idea that you will need to know about perspective drawing is:

If things are far away enough, they seem to disappear.

The point at which they disappear is called a vanishing point.

Draw One-Point Perspective on About.com
In perspective drawing, every set of parallel lines has its own vanishing point. Don’t panic. We can keep it simple. To draw one-point perspective, we arrange our subject so that one set of lines has a vanishing point right in front of us, and the set at right-angles goes out to infinity on each side – parallel, either straight up or straight across.

One Point Perspective Drawing Tutorial on DrawingCoach.com
Draw the horizon line. What in the heck is a horizon line? Think of it as the place off in the distance where the sky meets together with the earth; that old familiar line where blue meets brown and green. Just draw a horizontal line across the page. Easy enough.



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