Starry, Starry Night (Van Gogh) | Free Coloring Page

April 28, 2010

Free Coloring Page
Art masterpiece coloring pages allow students to not only look at a work of art, but actually interact with. They see how it was composed, the colors that the artist used, and gain an understanding as to why the work of art seems so dynamic.

The following coloring page is a resource that parents and teachers can use to supplement their lessons on Vincent van Gogh, or history lesson.

Starry, Starry Night | Free Coloring Page from


About the Artist
Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in Groot-Zundert, a village close to Breda in the province of North Brabant in the southern Netherlands. He was the son of Anna Cornelia Carbentus and Theodorus van Gogh, a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church. Vincent was given the same name as his grandfather—and a first brother stillborn exactly one year before. The practice of reusing a name in this way was not uncommon. Vincent was a common name in the Van Gogh family; his grandfather (1789–1874) had received his degree of theology at the University of Leiden in 1811. Grandfather Vincent had six sons, three of whom became art dealers, including another Vincent who was referred to in Van Gogh’s letters as “Uncle Cent.” Grandfather Vincent had perhaps been named in turn after his own father’s uncle, the successful sculptor Vincent van Gogh (1729–1802). Art and religion were the two occupations to which the Van Gogh family gravitated. His brother Theodorus (Theo) was born on 1 May 1857. He had another brother, Cor, and three sisters: Elisabeth, Anna and Willemina.

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