Girl with the Pearl Earring (Vermeer) | Free Coloring Page

June 4, 2010

Free Coloring Page
Art masterpiece coloring pages allow students to not only look at a work of art, but actually interact with. They see how it was composed, the colors that the artist used, and gain an understanding as to why the work of art seems so dynamic.

The following coloring page is a resource that parents and teachers can use to supplement their lessons on Jan Vermeer, or history lesson.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring | Free Coloring Page from (Click Link)


About the Artist
Johannes, Jan or Johan Vermeer (baptized in Delft on 31 October 1632 as Johannis, and buried in the same city under the name Jan on 15 December 1675) was a Dutch Baroque painter who specialized in exquisite, domestic interior scenes of middle class life. Vermeer was a moderately successful provincial genre painter in his lifetime. He seems never to have been particularly wealthy, leaving his wife and children in debt at his death, perhaps because he produced relatively few paintings…


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