Autumn de Forest | One of the Art World’s Newest (and Youngest) Stars

October 14, 2010

Autumn de Forest appeared on the Today Show this morning and shared a few of her quite impressive works of art. Just about to turn 9 years old, she has clearly established herself as one of the art world’s biggest new stars.

The following is an excerpt from the article that appears below the video on  the Today Show website:

When Autumn de Forest was 4 years old, she brought home an art project from preschool: a watercolor she called “Elephant.” Her depiction of the animal was abstract, with pronounced brushstrokes that her parents found very deliberate and startlingly artistic.

Over the next several months, Autumn created more art, much of it remarkable, and all of it suggesting a strange and precocious talent for shapes, colors and patterns. “At first we did think it was a fluke,” said Autumn’s mother, Katherine, who appeared on TODAY Thursday with her daughter.

“We were scratching our head and thought it was an anomaly and interesting,” she told Matt Lauer….

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