Rootbeer Mug and Barrel | Free Coloring Pages

February 19, 2012

Do you love that old-fashioned rootbeer frosty mug taste? Enjoy a rootbeer with your kids while coloring one the following free coloring pages. If you’d like a rootbeer float instead, I’ve also included links to some super yummy rootbeer float recipes.

Print Rootbeer Barrel | Free Coloring Page


Print Frosty Mug of Rootbeer | Free Coloring Page


12 Rootbeer Float Recipes
Beginning with the classic float, here are some tasty treats that are sure to get your kids praising your name.

“Classic” Black Cow Rootbeer Float
Brown Cow Rootbeer Float
Marble Fudge Zinger™ Rootbeer Float
Pistachio Fudge Dazzler™ Rootbeer Float
Pirate Booty™ Rootbeer Float
Butterfinger® Brownie Blast™ Rootbeer Float
Licorice Lips™ Rootbeer Float
Oreo Cookie Crumble™ Rootbeer Float
Flower Pot™ Rootbeer Float
Marshmallow Madness™ Rootbeer Float
Red Velvet Brownie™ Rootbeer Float
S’mores Rootbeer Float

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