Ali Jardine, a mother of two children, Gabe and Pippin, enjoys photographing her kids with her iPhone and creating images to share on Instagram. Her breathtaking images demonstrate the power of creativity and the her iPhone.

“Ali say that her kids are usually the subjects of my images, which make them very personal.” Her images tell a story that are often reminiscent of fairy tales, rich with both light and darkness. She shares her images on her Instagram channel that reaches more than 500,000 people every day.

Below is one image from the original story. Please follow this link to see them all – Mom Creates Dreamlike Art…




You don’t need to limit displaying your kids art work to your refrigerator anymore. Sport a iPhone or Galaxy cellphone case on your cellphone with one of their best images instead. Just upload your image to, and order away.

Here’s a few examples of Disney Characters on iPhone cases.

Winnie the Pooh – Watercolor Fine Art

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.16.30 PM

Merida (Brave) – Pastel Fine Art

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.17.02 PM

Color pencils, paper and a pencil sharpener are all you need to get started in creating artwork with colored pencils. You can certainly build your supplies as you go, but this list will get you going. If you find that you enjoy this media, you can pay a visit to your local art store for advice on improving your technique and to find out about the many tools they have to help you enhance your artwork.


What kind of paper should I use?

Printer paper can work for your first few experimental drawings. If you like it, purchase a pad of student grade drawing paper. The heavier weight will keep the paper from tearing.

What kind of pencils should I buy?

Crayola color pencils work great for kids (and adults too). If you want to spend a little bit more you can try out an artist grade pencil which will most likely give you a richer color.

How do I get started?

The following lessons will help you get down some of the basics. Try them out in order, and then tackle your first project.

10 Tippy Top Colored Pencils Tips for Beginners
Here’s a few basic colored pencil techniques that will help you to dazzle your friends and family (and yourself) right from the beginning. They will help you to make your colored pencil drawings vibrant and beautiful…

Colored Pencil Techniques for Beginners
Now that you have developed a few basic drawing skills, let’s try a lesson on colored pencil technique. This lesson will teach you the basic stuff about how to color your flowers, bunnies, or pickles with colored pencils in an artsy sort of way. As you read, try each one of these techniques on a piece of drawing paper…

5 Tips for Blending Colored Pencils
Learning how to blend your colored pencil strokes can add a wonderful richness to your colored pencil art projects. Each of these blending techniques are easy to learn, and will create wonderful effects…


Autumn de Forest appeared on the Today Show this morning and shared a few of her quite impressive works of art. Just about to turn 9 years old, she has clearly established herself as one of the art world’s biggest new stars.

The following is an excerpt from the article that appears below the video on  the Today Show website:

When Autumn de Forest was 4 years old, she brought home an art project from preschool: a watercolor she called “Elephant.” Her depiction of the animal was abstract, with pronounced brushstrokes that her parents found very deliberate and startlingly artistic.

Over the next several months, Autumn created more art, much of it remarkable, and all of it suggesting a strange and precocious talent for shapes, colors and patterns. “At first we did think it was a fluke,” said Autumn’s mother, Katherine, who appeared on TODAY Thursday with her daughter.

“We were scratching our head and thought it was an anomaly and interesting,” she told Matt Lauer….

Watch video and read more…

Check out this amazing 6 year old artist. His watercolors are lively and show impressive talent.

“Inspired by the scenery of a family vacation, Kieron Williamson of Britain first picked up a paint brush at the age of five. Now, just short of his 7th birthday, the boy’s atmospheric watercolors are praised by art experts as works well beyond his years.”

Six-Year-Old Artist Paints Like Adult

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