Here’s a watercolor project that kids are sure to love!


1) Start with a free printable coloring page. You might be able to find this one. Any coloring page will do.

2) Tape the coloring page to an outside window. Then tape a sheet of watercolor paper over top. You should be able to see the coloring page lines.

3) Trace the lines.

4) Begin by mixing the paint for the face – Red and a little yellow. Paint.

5) Mix the paint for the hair. Then, wet the hair area with clean water. Paint the hair, leaving the top very light orĀ  white, as if the sun is washing it out.

6) Mix the paint for the dress and bows. Paint.

7) Paint the roses with pink and red. Be careful to leave whites here and there to make the flowers sparkle.

8) Finish painting the face. Add a slightly darker color to the neck and around the hair line. Use the same face color and add a little blue.

9) Paint the leaves around the flowers. Keep changing shares of green.

10) Pain the background. Remember to keep moving. Watercolor paint dies quickly.


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